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Who We Are

More than Just Commercial Seating. When we first began confirming our reputation as a company of unique design and modern mechanism, immediately sighted the gap in the commercial seating industry, and the restaurant furniture industry as a whole, recognizing the lack of high-quality custom commercial seating on the market and determined to provide consumers with a truly superior product.

With this task at hand, discovered a model dictating the requirements for each of our commercial seating products. Each product is designed according to a sleek, compact scheme, achieving maximum efficiency with a smooth, fluid structure designed for universal impact. Materials used in the production of our furniture are only the strongest and most flexible of metals, woods etc. and the sturdiest and most attractive of vinyl and fabrics, creating a visual invitation to sit. Seat and cushion would be designed according to a specific balance of texture and weight, providing support as well as comfort - the ultimate sitting experience. is also determined to offer these exclusive creations at more than affordable prices, desiring to make our state-of-the-art products available to all dealers. With all the above-mentioned goals in mind, we quickly rose to the pinnacle of the barstool market, becoming more and more renowned for our unique combination of company mottos. In today's bustling industry, quality rarely mingles with low cost. However, this would not be the first rule broken by

Revolutionizing the Industry. Word quickly spread about the polite and professional service characterized by Dealers are overjoyed at finally being able to voice an opinion in matters of style and design, and these opinions and requests are always welcome at, where customized seating manufacturing is a common concept. Consistent and courteous, exists to satisfy each dealer, dedicated to their individual needs. We are proud to consider ourselves personally unaffected by the apathy and indifference brought into the business world by the advance of technology.

Proceeding into the 21st century, had become the leading title on the national commercial seating and restaurant furniture market. A long history of excellence now stands behind our company, as it has achieved the fulfillment of our highest restaurant furnishing sales goals. Hi-tech warehouses have sprung up all over the country at numerous convenient locations, bringing furniture delivery closer to the consumer. Place your first order, and you will be awed by the extent of your satisfaction as well as our competent and coordinated style of conducting business with you. We value the consumer much higher than the average seat. We always go beyond the average, carrying our product to greater heights, changing history in your barroom, rec room, kitchen, dining room, restaurant, cafe, or anywhere you are in need of quality commerical seating.

For the ultimate sitting experience, contact us today via email at or call toll free, 1-866-963-1500.

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